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What is a Y Balance Test?

As an integral part of the Functional Movement Systems, the Y Balance Test is a thoroughly researched, yet easy way to test a person’s risk for injury as well as demonstrate functional symmetry. The Y Balance Test Protocol was developed through years of research in lower extremity injury prevention using the Star Excursion Balance Test. This new device and protocol is highly accurate and can be used for measuring pre and post rehabilitation performance, improvement after performance enhancement programs, dynamic balance for fitness programs, and return to sport readiness. When the results of the Y Balance test are entered into the Move2Perform software you get your client’s personalized injury risk and peer performance measure according to age, gender, and sport/activity.

You can have your athlete tested today to assess their risk of injury.

Pregnancy low back pain management, male and female pelvic floor or lower abdominal/groin pain, bladder dysfunctions, incontinence or tailbone pain.

Trigger Point Dry Needling (TDN) can be an effective treatment for chronic pain as well as other common disorders such as sprains, strains, tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis and many others.  TDN involves the insertion of a thin solid filament needle into a trigger point in the muscle.  The purpose of TDN is to release the muscle tension and pain and to “reset” the muscle allowing it to heal.

Includes individualized therapeutic exercise program for improved range of motion, strength and stability following injury, chronic sprain/strain, or surgery

Sports specific training for swimming, throwing, running, jumping, balance and coordination.  We are also a certified Sports Metrics provider for ACL Injury prevention.

Spinal or extremity joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point release, myofascial release and massage

Indoor heated therapeutic pool with chair lift, variable swim current; independent fitness swim sessions available

Assessment of hip, knee and ankle mechanics during functional activities

Includes video analysis

Provided through Hope Rehab’s own Andrew Slezak who is certified as a post rehab conditioning specialist.

Providing therapy before and after all orthopedic surgeries.

Work conditioning program and functional capacity evaluations to facilitate your safe return to work after an injury.

Access to the pool for independent exercise – available from 11-12 and 1-2 daily.

Individual programs for infants and children of all ages.

Therapy for individuals following stroke, spinal cord and brain injury.

Individualized programs for strengthening and balance.

Treatment for vertigo, dizziness, disequilibrium and balance disorders.

Done to suit your specific needs.

  • Infrared Light Therapy – decreased pain, improved cell growth and healing, improved metabolic activity, reduced fibrous tissue formation, anti-inflammatory action, increased vascular activity and stimulated nerve function
  • Traction – decompression for cervical and lumbar spine
  • Electrical Stimulation – reduction of pain and muscle spasms, muscle re-education, reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Ultrasound – deep tissue heating, increased tissue extensibility, muscle relaxation and decreased pain
  • Paraffin
  • Whirlpool

What Our Patients Say

After a traumatic injury to my leg that occurred during a training exercise, I had surgery. I began my rehab at Hope. The staff was excellent, professional and very nice. I was doing well and getting stronger every day. Unfortunately, I had a deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism which halted my progress. After my hospitalization and break from activity, I was in sad shape. My flexibility was nonexistent and I was in pain all of the time. I finished my second round of therapy and felt much better, but being a Captain in Houston Fire Department requires much more than feeling OK, it requires that you be at your best at all times.

Barb began discussing the possibility of a work conditioning program with me. She let me know that it would be tough and tailored specifically to strengthening me for my job duties. She developed an amazing program for me which gave me strength I hadn’t had in ten years. It also gave me the confidence to return to a job that I had feared I might not be able to do again.

I am forever grateful to all of the staff at Hope Rehab for treating me so kindly as I crawled around their workspace, and my special thanks to Barb for spending the extra time to develop the program that gave me back my career. I highly recommend Hope for therapy or work conditioning.

Jeffrey Tomberlin
Initially I was diagnosed with a SLAP tear of the shoulder and the plan was to recover mobility and strength without operating.

Barb, Jeff and Bryan variously treated me and were very clear in communicating what needed to be done and how. While there was improvement, they noticed it was reaching a limit and so I went back to the Doc, had an MRI, where a different diagnosis (bone spur) was made.

This was operated on (15th June) and my recovery has been outstanding (pretty much full motion 1st August on 2-3 appts a week).

Jeff, Barb and Bryan do the physiotherapy and explain what is happening very well and while friendly, they will push as hard as you need always caring to stop you from hurting yourself. I like the efficient use of qualified assistants and trainees who mean that the sessions are as intense as needed with little/no waiting.

When I arrived I could not use my right arm effectively, and now I have full strength and use. Operating doctor Timothy Sitter gets his credit but Barb, Jeff and the Hope Team are the ones that have made the full and speedy recovery possible.

I fully recommend Hope Rehab and the team. You will get friendly, professional and clear physiotherapy. The focus is on getting you better and you will leave happier than when you arrive.

Alex Moody Stuart
To Potential Clients of Hope Rehab:

How lucky you are to have found Hope Rehab!
I am a Senior Citizen and a long time client of Hope. The staff at Hope has always been polite, friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I have been very well pleased with my association with them. Being a Senior Citizen, I have had several occasions to need their services. I would highly recommend you go by their facility, speak with their staff and get started on the road to better health.

Dot Pourteau
In 2009, I was referred to Hope Rehab Katy by my family physician. My symptoms were lower back & sciatic nerve pain. The Hope therapist evaluated my condition and quickly established a plan for my treatment. My input was valued and I felt we were working together on a plan to alleviate my pain. I received excellent care but, unfortunately only temporary pain relief.

In 2012, 2 years after laminectomy and spinal fusion surgery, I was prescribed therapy to deal with stiffness and pain around the surgical device. I chose Hope Rehab because of the pleasant experience I had in 2009. It was nice to see that most of the staff had remained the same, with the addition of several new well qualified technicians and therapists. After the surgery and recovery, I simply did not know how to move without pain. I thought I had corrected one area of pain only to be faced with other. My therapist was quick to identify areas of my normal day where I could make slight adjustments to standing, walking and bending that would help strengthen my unused muscles and therefore alleviate my pain. At last, I am pain free! I had taken that for granted. The exercises my therapist taught me will allow me to stay flexible and strong and live the life I have been waiting for.

Debbie Spurlock
Functional Dry Needling

After four foot surgeries, I had been experiencing chronic leg and hip pain for six years. I spent years going from doctor to doctor to try to figure out the source of my pain. I took many different medications, wore a TENS unit, and even tried acupuncture, but nothing took the pain away. My everyday life was affected by the amount the pain I was in. The first time Barb needled me, I felt instant relief which lasted for one week. In as little as three sessions, I was pain free for over two months. It was amazing to have my pain erased for that amount of time. I have continued to do the needling when the pain gets bad enough, but the pain has never been as bad as it was before I started needling. I am so thankful that Barb has this to offer to her patients. It only takes a couple of minutes to do and the only side effects I have felt are sore muscles and a little bit of bruising.

Core Class

I suffered from lower back pain and poor posture for years. After one month of going to class 2x a week, I noticed how strong my core was becoming and how my back pain was beginning to disappear. After two months of classes, my family noticed how great my posture was when I was sitting and standing. I could not believe how fast I was able to develop my core, even if I needed to modify some of the exercises to suit me. The core muscles are hard muscles to work, but it was so enjoyable to have a group to work out with as well as other people to cheer me on. I was surprised to see how I craved going to core class every Tuesday/Thursday evening!! It has been five months since I started going to core class and I am still reaping the benefits.

Tiffany Bielamowicz